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Monday, April 25, 2005

Not boring around here any more...

We never thought Connecticut was overly exciting, I guess, but the news just gets more interesting over time. Governors and mayors in jail, civil unions, and now the sky is falling to boot. Centuries ago, this would have been viewed as an evil portent. In our more enlightened age, we know better about such things - actually, we know better about everything!

In preparing for one of a series of prayer meetings or vigils that were held around the State on Friday and Saturday, I came across a quote from Governor Jonathan Trumbull the younger, issued as a preamble to one of his Fasting Day proclamations in 1807. I'm not picking on her, but try to imagine what the ACLU or CCLU would do if Mrs. Rell came out with this sound bite:

WHEN we seriously consider the Being and Perfections of God, with our relation to and dependence on Him, as our Great Creator, Preserver and Benefactor;-and when we reflect on the Evil of our Ways, and the folly of our Conduct towards the Author of our Being and of all our Mercies,-we should be humbled in the Dust before our God, for our sinful Ingratitude and unworthiness:-We have reason to cry out with the humble Publican, "God be merciful to us Sinners."

Read the whole Proclamation and see it at Wallbuilders.

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