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Monday, January 16, 2006

Episcopal Bishop of Conn. Defrocks Priest

The Episcopal Bishop of Connecticut, Andrew D. Smith, defrocked Bristol priest Mark Hansen over the ongoing dispute concerning Smith's support for the decision to elevate an openly homosexual man to the position of Bishop of New Hampshire.

Six Episcopal priests, including Hansen, have already filed suit against Smith in Federal Court for his alleged actions against them. According to the Courant,

In an e-mail to The Courant Sunday, Hansen responded to a request for comment, saying he made a good-faith denial to Smith that he had abandoned the communion of the Episcopal Church.

Hanson said the canons of the church call for the bishop to withdraw the notice of inhibition once a good faith denial has been received.

"Obviously, the Bishop did not follow the canons," Hansen said.

A copy of the complaint in the Federal lawsuit is available on our website here. Keep praying for all involved.

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