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Monday, June 25, 2007

Catholic Bishops assail "Plan B" as an attack on religious liberty

...which it surely is.

The bishops in this heavily Catholic but pro-choice state say the legislation, already signed into law by the Republican governor, could force Connecticut's four Catholic hospitals to perform what they consider chemical abortions.

An attorney for the hospitals said they are considering state or federal legal action claiming the new law that takes effect Oct. 1 infringes on their constitutional rights.

“If the religious liberty of a Catholic hospital can be violated on this issue, what's next?” asked Bridgeport Bishop William E. Lori. “Will the law insist that Catholic hospitals further violate their ethical standards by performing abortions on demand? Or will the law someday force Catholic hospitals to euthanize those deemed not fit to live?”

The poor record of American Christians when it comes to understanding and resisting the abortion culture leads me to think that those will indeed be the next steps. Evangelicals and Catholics historically "do not play well together" but even the efforts of their combined leadership has not sufficed to place many obstacles in the way of our society's embrace of death.

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