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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Connecticut Episcopal Bishop reportedly sues priest, church members

In the latest chapter of this saga, the Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut has reportedly brought a lawsuit against the Rev. Donald Helmandollar and ten other persons for trespass and other claims. Although I might have missed it, but I haven't seen this hit the media outlets yet. However, a PDF copy of a civil complaint brought in New Britain Superior Court has been posted on the Connecticut Six blog.

It's quite possible that the mainstream media is unaware of the suit because the suit papers have not been returned to the Court yet. Under Connecticut practice, a lawsuit papers are first served upon the defendants and only then are they filed in the Court. The lawsuit bears a return date of September 11 and would not technically be pending in the New Britain Superior Court until a couple of days after that. For this reason suit papers are sometimes served on people as a negotiating tactic in hopes the persons sued will wish to avoid going to Court altogether.

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Anonymous said...

The story was in The Bristol Press today.
Here's a link to the Associated Press version of the story:,0,7538784.story.

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