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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Atheists in Vernon

From Channel 8:

A sign posted by Atheists in the Rockville's Central Park has people talking, prompting calls to the town hall and the local clergy.

The Connecticut Valley Atheists posted the three-sided sign, which some call a billboard, and it was the only sign in the town center marking the Holiday season. Two sides of the display feature the Twin Towers, framed by the words "Imagine No Religion."

Yawn. What is interesting here is the equation of all religions here, as if religion in the abstract, or the religious impulse in human beings knocked down the Twin Towers. What atheists and others of a liberal bent are afraid to do is point out that the impulse of some religionists is to kill all who disagree with them, and intimidate others from speaking. That religion is not Christianity.


Anonymous said...

Religion offers an easy way to hide ones bigotry. And each time someone of a religious bent has the courage to stand up and say "I disagree", they often follow it with "That's not what it means to belong to my faith". Slavery, homophobia, the Spanish Inquisition -- all have both been defended and despised by the same religions.

So, "What Christians and others of a conservative bent are afraid to do is point out that the impulse of some atheists is to ... insert your broad characterization here ... those who disagree with them. That is far from all atheists and others of a liberal bent."

Nick said...

You missed the point, I think, which is that liberals are afraid to criticize the religion which is responsible for 911, knowing it can get them killed. It was not "religion" which brought down the Towers, but jihadist Islam.

Journalist Lawrence O'Donnell has now even admitted he'd like to criticize Islam more, as he did Mormonism, but is afraid to: