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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The pregnant man. Or, not.

I had heard of this in passing but frankly so much strangeness crosses one's eyes these days that I hadn't actually read about it.

Thomas may be a man in the eyes of the law, but she remains physically a woman, with a woman's reproductive system, a woman's genitals, and a woman's chromosomes. So when she and Nancy decided to have a baby, she had little trouble conceiving through artificial insemination. The result is the spectacle that has drawn so much attention: a bearded pregnant woman named Thomas, who identifies herself as a man, and has a lawfully wedded wife.

More here from Jeff Jacoby, if you can stand it.

1 comment:

Pregnant Man said...

Yep, pregnant man is just a pregnant transexual who has female reproductive organs. She can have a child when she wants it and its not the first case taking place in history.

Oprah has already made on pregnant man popular :)