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Saturday, July 16, 2005

AAA Price Finder: a nice resource

With gas prices being what they are, we thought it might be helpful to make you aware of the AAA's fuel price finder. Let's pray for the continued health of the economy. I find it interesting that a number of prophetic voices have mentioned an upcoming discovery of additional resources or new resources that will reduce or even eliminate our dependence on imported energy. This is certainly something to pray for as well. But in the meantime, should God not bless us in this way, there is much we can do as good stewards. (End of sermon!)


ReloLP said...

I agree on being better stewards and thank you for the AAA source for cheaper fuel. This will be a helpfull source.

I am fascinated w/the idea of an energy break through. I wonder who prophesized on that? Any way your so right in the idea of prayer for this matter. Again, thanks for the cheaper fuel resource.

Nick said...

A number of people in the prophetic movement, including the Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders based out in Colorado (that would be people like Dutch Sheets, Chuck Pierce, Jim Goll) as well as people like Kim Clement.

You're welcome.

Also the link is fixed. See latest post.