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Friday, July 08, 2005

Weird Connecticut This Week

Maybe this will be a regular feature, maybe not, but there are oodles of weird news stories in our cute little State lately. Is there a full moon?

  • A man was arrested in Litchfield for strolling around town naked - nine miles from home, no less! Although Blogger now has a new photo feature, I'm not using it yet. At least not in this post.
You can't make this up.


ReloLP said...

As a baseball fan and one who used to participate in the local youth leagues baseball & basketball, I can say it never used to be quite this "Heated". Granted, the parents were always there w/a competitive spirit. At times we felt like we had more than one coach, as Johnny ran from 2nd--3rd base, the coach yelling stop and Mom and 20 other parents yelling run. You often found Johnny confused, sometimes even making a mistake. Did it really matter? We all had fun, learned to function as a team and take directions from our Coach and along the way managed to fine tune our skills and that winning was nice but not everything. So you ask how has it changed from 25+ years ago? I am sure there are many factors involved that took us where we are, and two factors for a solution. Prayer and local involvement as a parent.


Nick said...

Right you are.

Anonymous said...


Just found your blog. FYI...I am one of a group of teachers in New Haven Public School system that prays for our schools. This is such a great need...don't you think?


Nick said...

Hi KY,

It's wonderful to hear this news. This is a great need and it is sad to see us failing in so many areas when we have such great wealth in our State. As news pops up about this area I will definitely post it, or you can also forward me anything of interest. Thanks for reading.