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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Connecticut Election Endorsements from FIC

(With apologies to Will Rogers.)

For some reason, the Family Institute of Connecticut is the most vilified group of people in the whole State. I can't figure out why this is.

In the newspapers and on the radio there are lots of people always angry at the FIC. These people always seem to be very angry indeed. They use big words when talking about the FIC like "abomination." Using a word like that, you would think this meant the angry people were big Bible readers but then I saw that there was another person who called the FIC the "Christian Taliban!"

This was really a surprise to me because I've met Brian Brown a few times and I really don't think he would decapitate people he doesn't care for like the Taliban-type people do over in Afghanistan. He never seems to be angry like all the angry people I mentioned a minute ago.

Knowing Brian and what he actually does support, I'm suspicious of people who talk about him like that!

So, I'm happy to help spread FIC's list of endorsements for the November 7 elections.

You can download the list here as a PDF.

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