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Monday, October 30, 2006

A milestone for us

Umm... whatever. Experts say without all the Lamont blogging
this year, the Web could have collapsed from underuse. Photo by Matt Stoller.

Today we ran our 250th blog post - a minor milestone that shows where our cute little state has been over the past 19 months and where it is headed.

Back in the day, as a rookie blogger, we were writing a lot about the impending civil unions showdown in the State Senate - which wasn't much of a showdown! (We got creamed.) Oddly, this will probably prove to have been the best thing that ever happened to pro-family Christians in Connecticut. The shocks of early 2005 began to bring the Church together for solemn assemblies, and then regional and statewide prayer meetings. Throughout 2006 churches across the State have sensed a new vitality and a fresh confidence in God that He is about to send us not only a refreshing wave of the Spirit but a true outpouring that will effect transformation in our region.

It's to the point now where two or three blogs are created every second, and most blogs which are created never make it past their first post. But this blog continues to thrive and grow, and as I write this it's now ranked # 11 among Connecticut themed blogs by Technorati. (We can't compete with those busy Ned Lamont bloggers and social bookmarkers yet, but we seem to be the top religion-themed blog in the State. I suspect that FIC's Crosshairs is bigger than some of the left-wing blogs but there's no way to tell. When Peter Wolfgang and the FIC crew update Crosshairs, we'll get a clearer picture of the Connecticut blogosphere.)

For our part, I hope we'll be able to encourage the Church well into 2007 and beyond. Thanks to your support, it seems we may be starting to become a habit for some people.

More importantly, since we serve a God with Whom nothing is impossible, I know that all of our prayers for change in Connecticut are being heard, and I'm honored to help the Church spread the word about what He is doing among us.

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