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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Another thing we don't make in Connecticut any more ...

We note that Connecticut, which has already lost one seat in Congress in recent years, is in danger of losing another in the not-too-distant future. That would pull us down from six House seats to four, and reduce our electoral votes in Presidential ballots to 6 from 8. This all lessens our influence in the nation. By 2030, our slow population growth rate will produce a situation in which there are as many people over 65 as people under 18. In 2000, there were twice as many people under 18 as there were over 65.

Do you suppose that the incidence of abortion and homosexuality could create a declining birthrate? Many people are finally realizing that there is a "Roe effect," meaning a set of demographic consequences which flow from the Roe v. Wade decision which allowed Americans to abort about one-third of all persons conceived since 1973. Our friends of a more liberal persuasion have indeed noticed that the "red states" are getting redder and also exploding in population because people in those states make more babies - or, at least they abort a lesser percentage of those they do conceive. Conservative writers such as James Taranto at the Wall Street Journal have explored it with humor and a lot of jabs at their liberal opponents.

I realize this is anecdotal evidence, but perhaps you have wondered why so many school buildings have been converted to another use or just go unused, or maybe you have asked why streets and parks just seem emptier of kids than they did 35 years ago...

In the Bible, God tells us that having babies is a good thing. God tells us to choose life, and we pray that Connecticut residents will continue to do so.

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