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Thursday, April 14, 2005

House Approves Civil Unions by 85-63 Margin

It's an event of such great significance that I can't describe it properly. Here we live in a State which so proudly trumpets itself the Constitution State, having given to the world its first written Constitution, the Fundamental Orders. One of the avowed purposes of that document was to maintain the purity of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. All the more ironic then to be the first State to enact "civil unions" through the will of the Legislature. From auspicious beginnings we can trace peaks and valleys of democracy in Connecticut across 365 years leading to yesterday's ultimate valley.

Despite all protestations to the contrary, we are just a banana peel away from same-sex marriage.

The openly homosexual State Senator Andrew McDonald crowed about the "588 rights and privileges" that will be conferred on parties to these unions.

There were also stalwarts for whom we can give thanks, such as T. R. Rowe of Trumbull, who was quoted as saying "This is really a radical redefinition of what marriage is...we’re going to open up marriage to homosexuals, but we’ll give political cover to lawmakers."

Absent divine intervention, Governor Rell will take advantage of this cover and sign the bill. The House version of the bill will go back to the Senate for action in the coming week. Keep praying and even fasting for God to undertake on behalf of those who wish to see our State enshrine godly principles.

For more of the flavor, see the Register article below.

New Haven Register - News - 04/14/2005 - House OKs civil union measure

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