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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Back to school...back to God

Years of concerted prayer for college campuses are bearing fruit as this story in Christianity Today attests. Faithful intercessors, including some tenacious student leasers, are redigging wells of revival originally dug centuries ago by men of faith who founded many of the Ivy League schools.

Remember to pray for Yale this fall, and all the college campuses in our area.

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tk said...

So good to hear this--I also was ministered to by many loving Christians while attending Cornell University and attended weekly meetings with other Cornell Christians. I was a new believer that benefited greatly from the love and encouragement of my fellow Christian peers. This influence on my life greatly affected the path I would take after graduation. It is unfortunate to read that current Cornellians are enduring much grief for their beliefs and I pray that the area churches and Christian groups continue to intercede and press in so that more young lives are touched by the gospel and the love of Jesus Christ.