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Friday, September 23, 2005

Final preparations for civil unions

Justices of the Peace are receiving their final training to get ready for civil unions on October 1st. After all, as one justice was quoted, "The last thing Connecticut needs are incompetent justices of the peace." Justices, at least so far, are able to refuse to civil-unionize same-sex partners based upon their convictions. We'll see how long that lasts...

And, Atty. General Blumenthal says Connecticut will recognize civil unions performed in other states.

Keep praying!


loren said...

May God help Connecticut and let a revival break out among you!

Anonymous said...

Thank God for equality being on the march in CT! May marriage rights soon follow!

Nick said...

Thanks for coming by. Equality is not on the march in Connecticut, but intolerance. For when the proponents of homosexual marriage have achieved their aims, they will become just as ardent persecutors of religious people as they imagine religious people are of them. You can follow this trend in several "progressive" countries such as Canada and Sweden, where all rights are subordinated to the sanctity of homosexual activism.