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Monday, September 05, 2005

How can we pray for Connecticut? (Part 3)

In the previous posts in this series (see links below), we talked about how God has given "redemptive gifts" to different places and regions. These are gifts and abilities he has given to advance his cause and make us a blessing. We talked about how Connecticut has a call to be "The Arsenal of the Nation." In the natural, this reflects our traditional connection to the military. In the spirit, it speaks of how we have advanced the Kingdom through intercession. We also talked about how Connecticut has a call to model and Godly leadership and government, reflected in our nickname, "The Constitution State."

Connecticut also has a calling to meet the needs of others.

  • An early nickname for Connecticut was “The Provision State,” a name we received in part by being a major supplier of provisions for the Continental Army, supposedly saving the troops at Valley Forge. Some say we provided nearly half of Washington’s supplies.
  • This was also reflected in our State and Hartford in particular becoming the “Insurance Capital of the World,” inventing modern insurance and the modern insurance company.
  • We have also accumulated enormous personal and corporate wealth and influence out of all proportion to our size.
  • However, our wealth has not gone to advance the Kingdom of God but selfishness, creating gross inequities. Thus Greenwich, the richest town east of the Mississippi, exists in the same State as a Hartford, the # 2 city in the entire United States for child poverty. And we now boast two enormous casinos, one of which is the largest resort casino in the world, breeding gambling.
  • PRAY for Connecticut to become the Provision State once again and that her great wealth will be released for the advancement of the Gospel!

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