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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Episcopal Church Boiling Over in Connecticut

Several weeks ago, six Episcopal parishes, their elected officials, and five priests brought a federal lawsuit against the Bishop of Connecticut and the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church in the USA. Part of the ongoing dispute over the consecration of an open, practicing homosexual as the Bishop of New Hampshire, the lawsuit alleges numerous violations of State and Federal on behalf of Bishop Smith. The entire lawsuit can be read in PDF form here. To follow what I must sadly refer to as the implosion of the Anglican or Episcopal Church worldwide, go to, or Virtue Online.

Now the AP is reporting that the members of the Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut, at their annual meeting, have come out strongly in favor of civil unions, and passed a resolution urging Bishop Smith to allow priests to officiate at these ceremonies.

Ordinarily in a post like this I would ask prayer for the Episcopal Church at this point - but is there any point to that? Hasn't such a denomination reached the point of no return? Please pray for those Episcopalians who are holding to the truth of God's Word and not melting like chocolate in the face of these pressures. Ask God for wisdom and help as they face the future...


Everblest said...

It is so sad to see this happening. Let's be careful not fall into a trap of arguing that purity or unity is the most important attribute in a church. Instead let's ask God to bring both purity and unity to HIS church. I am so glad that we have modern heroes of faith willing to stand against emotional, economic and spiritual pressures. Let's pray for God to pour out His tangible blessing of peace (a la Prayer Evangelism by Ed Silvoso)

Nick said...

Hi everblest,
Thanks for your comment. By the way - nice blog. It gave me a warm fuzzy.