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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Pray Connecticut Website Launched With New Features!

We're happy to announce that we've launched the new and improved Pray Connecticut website! The time required to work on that explains my absence from blogging for several weeks.

Please stop by and check out these features:

  • Articles on a variety of prayer and discipleship topics (just starting)
  • Loads of Christian links and Bible study resources (coming soon)
  • Online Christian bookstore (coming soon)
We hope you'll stop in and watch us grow over the next few weeks and months. Please help us build the site by sending us info on your church event or suggesting a church for the map.

And now, we resume blogging...


Anonymous said...

Dear Pastor
Is there such a thing as "Luck"? If not where from the bible does it tell us so? Can you explain?


ReloLP said...

This is awesome PN, Many blessings


Nick said...

Dear Ano.,
The Bible does not speak of luck but does deal with the concept of blessings and curses. The idea of luck is a pagan idea - some even have a goddess of luck. In contrast, the Bible says that believers in Christ have the wonderful experience of having God cause all things to work together for good. You can read about this in Romans 8:28.

Nick said...

Hey Len Relolp,
Thanks for these warm words. You are such a loyal reader that I'm going to give you free coupons to eat at Big Joey's House of Manicotti. :)

ReloLP said...

Okay but only if yous joins me hah