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Thursday, December 15, 2005

A few money notes

A few items of interest on the State's economic front for prayer and reflection:

Lost wages

Connecticut has the highest wages in the country, with a median household income of $56,409. This is good news, although as we all know, it is certainly not distributed very evenly. Still, we give thanks. As a State we are bored with the fact that we are richer than our cousins, so the media was more excited about the fact that Fairfield County (usually called the Gold Coast in these stories) dropped to No. 3 in income, behind Middlessex and Tolland Counties. Cute comments:

We'll pray for them," quipped Fred Carstensen, director of the Connecticut Center for Economic Analysis. "Obviously Fairfield County should probably file for some emergency relief."

I'm glad to see that Pray Connecticut is having such an impact on society!

"Hard times down here is when people buy the 500 series BMW instead of the 800 series BMW," said defense attorney Mickey Sherman, who has represented some of the area's well-heeled residents.

The funny thing is, he's right.

Window Windfall

New London picked up a cool $400,000 from the sale of a Tiffany window. They'll use the money for police cruisers. Or legal bills from eminent domain cases, I guess.

This isn't news to some of us ...

Turns out the Stamford-Norwalk metro area is the second most expensive in the country, beat only by San Francisco. You have to make just over $60,000 to afford a two-bedroom apartment. So if you are not making $29 an hour, forget it.

Sub fight veterans back to fight for jobs

Continue to pray for the economy of the eastern shore, as Electric Boat is facing the loss of about 2400 jobs.

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