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Monday, December 05, 2005

Notes from here and there...

  • Despite running a surplus that some are estimating at $500 million, the Governor says state government cannot contribute its full share towards the funding of teachers' pensions. Right now the fund's liabilities exceed its assets by over $5 billion dollars. Pray for wisdom for this situation, which looms in our fiscal future.
  • The US Justice Department is accusing Connecticut of taking $750 million under the No Child Left Behind law without while trying to avoid the requirements of the law. Federal officials said, "Now, on the eve of the deadline for implementing one of the central conditions of the act, the state seeks - first through a set of waiver requests and now through this lawsuit - to keep the funds while jettisoning the accompanying obligations." Pray for wisdom on this one as well.
  • Mrs. Rell will be pleased to know that she has been determined to be the most popular Governor in the US. She probably received a big boost from the fact that she is not John Rowland, but she does have her own strengths or else she would not have maintained that spot. Let's pray that she will use her political capital wisely. (If you were wondering, Gov. Bob Taft of Ohio is the lest popular governor, with an approval rating of 18% compared to Mrs. Rell's 77%.)

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