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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Courant goes back to St. John's Episcopal

The Courant has done a piece today on the aftermath of Episcopal Bishop Andrew Smith's deposing the Rev. Mark Hansen. Check it out.

Note: If you're ever unable to tell where the Courant stands on something, the accompanying photographs usually help to inform us as to their point of view. In this case one of the pictures carries an explanatory note which actually seems libelous of Rev. Hansen.

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peter wolfgang said...

I didn't see the caption, but the piece did strike me as biased. Run-of-the-mill for the Courant, right? But here's the interesting thing: Every Courant story about this matter from the day Bishop Smith took over St. John's last summer has been remarkably balanced--until today. Today's story has no effort to get a different perspective, no quote from those still "in exile" at Bristol's other Episcopal church, etc. The Courant had been doing a notably good job on a touchy subject up until now. Why the change, I wonder?

Nick said...

I think you are right. Someone with too much hands on his hands (i.e. neither you nor I) may want to check the authorship of these pieces. I guess that would be clue #1.