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Monday, February 13, 2006

Praying for Connecticut's children

Connecticut's children need prayer - it seems there has been a rash of tragedies lately with our kids, and some have definitely lost their way. Eighth-grade girls allegedly draw 100 swastikas all over a middle school. Older teens are accused of attempted murder.

Can it be that we are teaching our children that life - and their lives - are meaningless? What message can kids derive when their churches celebrate something called "Evolution Sunday?"

The Rev. Woody Eddins of Bristol is one of more than 10,000 Protestant pastors who have signed a letter calling for clergy members to speak out against the anti-evolution movement that portrays science as a threat to religious faith. This [past weekend was] "Evolution Sunday" for more than 400 churches across the country, including six in Connecticut.

When people grow up learning that they are the products of blind, cosmic chance and an endless sequence of beneficial mutations, how else can you expect them to behave? When churches succumb to the fashions of the day and so cannot even offer a sense of the majesty of a Creator, where else in this society can children hear of Him?

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