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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Danbury and Stamford among country's safest cities

Out of 371 cities ranked, Danbury came in as the 28th-safest city in 2005, and the safest in Connecticut, according to the Morgan Quitno press. Says the Danbury News-Times:

St. Louis was the most dangerous city in the country, and the safest city was Brick, N.J., with a population of about 78,000, followed by Amherst, N.Y.

In Connecticut, Stamford ranked 35th, Waterbury ranked 164th, Bridgeport ranked 209th and Hartford ranked 337th.

Danbury Police Chief Al Baker said it's likely the decreased numbers of burglaries, thefts and homicides in the city made Danbury's ranking improve. In 2005, the city reported 223 burglaries, compared to 287 in 2004. There were 155 motor vehicle thefts in 2004 and 136 in 2005.

Danbury had three homicides in 2004 and one last year.

"My hat's off to the hard work by the men and women of the Danbury Police Department," Baker said. "It makes sense. Danbury has a good economy, education system and good services. All of these factor into it."

This is good news but obviously there's still much to do and much to pray about in Connecticut if Hartford ranks 337 out of 371.

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