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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Early and often... the real aftermath of Election Day

In Chicago the most famous political saying is "vote early and vote often," a reference to the many people who would "vote" in Windy City elections under false names, even the names of the dead. Our own elections yesterday probably didn't see that level of turnout, although there were a few surprises, including Mayor Jarjura returning to power in Waterbury on a write-in campaign, and a 22-year old ousting an incumbent to become mayor of Torrington.

What we
can do early and often in Connecticut is pray. In 2006 the political stakes will be much higher. The pro-family agenda, already battered, finds that its champions are few and far between. Still, I believe that prayer can make a difference, that healing the land is possible to a people who will arise with faith in their hearts. There are many hopeful signs, as Christians in various corners of the State are seeing a new vitality in their churches and there is a new season of cooperation between believers of all stripes.

Let's start praying early for the 2006 elections! It remains within our power as people of prayer to write history and not merely study it.

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