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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Weird Connecticut This Week (Vol. 7)

The Weird Connecticut column returns. A little levity is good for the soul, after all.

  • Identical twins allegedly try to fool a judge in New Britain. The reason: one had a final. (I wonder what she's studying.) I thought that stuff only happened on the Patty Duke Show.
  • Why haven't I known before today that our cute little State has not one, but two museums devoted to garbage?
  • And the kicker: Stamford police report that they arrested a man who sold his house for $670,000. That's no crime, and not even remarkable in Stamford. The criminal part came when he allegedly used the proceeds to set up a crack factory at the Stamford Suites on Bedford Street. Who knows? He might have gotten away with it if that address were not across the street from Stamford Police Headquarters.


Heather R said...

Hi Nick,
Although sad to think that stuff like this really happens, I have to admit that last bit about the guy in Stamford is really funny. It's the quote in the article that the woman screams, "The cops are here!" that makes it really entertaining. I guess I wouldn't imagine screaming something like that but rather a loud whisper.

Keep up the good blogging work (on all topics, not just the levity)!

Nick said...

Thanks, Heather. Unfortunately, people do enough crazy things that the "Weird Connecticut" column practically writes itself.