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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Praying for another unknown people group

If you've been around evangelical circles for a while then you know that "unreached people groups" are often targeted for prayer, Bible translation, and evangelism. I'd like to propose we go to prayer for a despised and unwelcome group within American society which faces misunderstanding and even prejudice in our society. Who are these unfortunates? Parents!

Have a peek at this decision by the Ninth Circuit Court - easily the most frequently overturned court. However, you may judge for yourself when you read. If you live in the Ninth Circuit, you may no longer opt your public school children out of sex surveys, even if they are in elementary school. Quote from this opinion:

"... there is no fundamental right of parents to be the exclusive provider of information regarding sexual matters to their children."

This is beyond absurd, and in my opinion calls for civil disobedience. We have reached a level of animosity to religion and family similar to that of Soviet Russia, where, it is said, parents would sometimes stay up all night "unlearning" their children out of what they had "learned" that day in school. Thanks to the general collapse of morality in the Western world, parents have it hard enough as it is. Let's pray that our nation can recoup some sanity before we go right off the cliff.


Annie said...

Dear Nick

I happened onto your blog and was thrilled that there is another Christian blogger in Connecticut. May God bless you indeed.

Nick said...

Thanks, Annie.