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Friday, November 25, 2005

Gearing up for our annual war

No sooner do we finish figuring out what to do with the leftover cranberry sauce (why is it called sauce anyway?) when we must again figure out what to do with Christmas. God makes an annual appearance at Thanksgiving, of course, but that gets submerged in pie and revisionist history. Governor Rell did not even mention the Creator in her annual Thanksgiving Proclamation - instead urging us to join her "in expressing our deepest gratitude to those who touch our lives everyday and in extending a healing hand of hope to those who need it most." As if the United Way were the source of our blessings.

Still, it's Christmas that irks people, as the Christian content is so, to a secularist, in your face. Fox News's Jon Gibson struck early, releasing in October his book The War on Christmas. The leader of the ADL now reportedly says that Evangelicals are the "key domestic challenge to... our democratic values." But that was all just warm-up.
Now the season is here and soon, probably no later than this weekend, each state will have one or two threatened court cases to focus on. Everyone will wonder where Judge Alito will come down on these things, should he be confirmed.

For concerned parents, the ACLJ (not the ACLU) has a letter here explaining peoples' legal right to sing Christmas carols, etc., in schools. Let the games begin but let not your hearts be troubled.

We'll follow any Connecticut Christmas religious liberty stories that pop up, If you hear of any, please let us know at our e-mail address in the side column.

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