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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Crime down, but violent crimes spike

The FBI has released its preliminary annual crime report, sending news outlets spinning all over the US as they rushed to compare local trends with the big picture. Here in Connecticut, results were mixed.

In Hartford, the Courant's analysis showed that murders there were up 56%, but that if murders and assaults were excluded, the capital would have seen about a 5% drop in crime. Sadly, the Hartford's 2006 trend seems to be terrible.

Meanwhile, in Stamford, there was a significant jump in violent crime - about 16% as opposed to a 2.5% figure nationwide. Bridgeport saw a slight increase and Waterbury a slight decrease in violent crime.

Table of data for these four cities also available at Channel 8's site.

Rounding out our "Big 5" cities, there did not appear to be data immediately available for New Haven. The full FBI report is due in the Fall.

Please continue to pray against crime and pray for the youth of our State.

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