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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Orthodox Episcoplians take root and flourish in Fairfield

We've blogged frequently about the struggles of Episcopalians in the State and the ongoing controversy between Connecticut's Episcopal bishop and the Connecticut Six. So it was interesting to read in Virtue Online about the Church of the Apostles in Fairfield.

The Rt. Rev. Thad Barnum and his wife, the Rev. Erilynne Barnum.

The Church of the Apostles is under the leadership of Bishop Thad Barnum, and is part of the Anglican Mission in America, which the church's website describes as:

A direct missionary outreach of the Anglican Province of Rwanda. We exist to glorify God and to serve, grow and multiply dynamic churches that love Jesus Christ and to reach the world He died to save.

Short translation: they probably don't believe in some of the things that many Connecticut Episcopalians believe in. You probably know which things it is of which I speak.

Virtue Online tracks their progress to date:

Bishop Barnum is hoping that many more will experience the transforming power of life in Christ, as Church of the Apostles grows into a strong place from which to launch other churches in New England. Six families are already meeting together with monthly worship in Danbury, about 45 minutes to the north, and fellowship dinners are being held in Stamford, New Haven, and other Connecticut towns. Church of the Apostles is also part of an emerging network of Anglican Mission churches in the North East, led by the Bishop, with churches in Pennsylvania, New York, Washington DC, Massachusetts and Maine. "We're joining people whose heart has been to see vibrant, healthy, strong congregations that lift up the name of Jesus Christ," asserted Bishop Barnum. "We're looking at places like Boston, Providence, and New York City."

Where this will go only God knows. Continue to pray!

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