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Friday, June 23, 2006

I think we're in turmoil...

...but nobody seems to be talking about it yet.

The Courant reports that State legislators are preparing to reopen hearings into the Rell Administration's fundraising. Lawmakers believe that information has been withheld from them, including the possiblity that Mrs. Rell was questioned by criminal investigators.

Meanwhile, former State Chief Justice William Sullivan was subpoenaed to testify before the Judiciary Committee about his actions in connection with the withdrawn nomination of Associate Justice Peter Zarella to take his place on the State's highest court.

Sullivan in March put a secret hold on publication of a controversial ruling on public access to court dockets to further Zarella's prospects of being confirmed as the next chief justice.

Both Sullivan and Zarella voted with the 4-3 majority that computerized criminal and motor vehicle dockets were not subject to the state's Freedom of Information Act. The ruling was not destined to sit well with lawmakers who were indignant at the revelation just three years earlier that some court files were "super-sealed" to mask their very existence.

In the wake of outrage over Sullivan's actions, both Borden and Gov. M. Jodi Rell appointed separate commissions to recommend ways to increase public access to the courts.

Sullivan's conduct was discovered through a routine inquiry by Palmer April 17 into the status of the case. Sullivan retired as head of the judicial branch effective April 15 to take senior justice status; his protege, Zarella, had been nominated by Rell to succeed him.

Sullivan acknowledged holding up release of the case to benefit Zarella, but maintained that doing so did not violate the canons of judicial ethics.
While those situations remain unresolved and promise to make headlines through the summer, one situation that has drawn to a close is that of attorney and former councilman and mayor of Middletown Stephen Gionfriddo. The AP reports that Mr. Gionfriddo pled guilty yesterday in Federal court to stealing more than $600,000 of his clients' money.

Let's continue to pray for our State and all levels of its government.

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Anonymous said...

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What is Scientology?
What is Masonary?
How is it different from Christianity?
Please explain if you can. Thanks

Nick said...
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Nick said...

Hi anonymous,

Both these systems are very much different from Evangelical Christianity. If you have general questions of this type, I would refer you to one of the well-known apologetics ministries, such as CARM.