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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Connecticut Collecting Supplies for Hurricane Victims

Beginning this week, the State of Connecticut will be collecting healthcare supplies to help schools in Louisiana replenish supplies used in school nurses' offices and school-based clinics. From the Governor's press release:

The list of supplies needed by school nurses include the following: new, unopened boxes of band-aids (assorted sizes); calamine lotion; cotton balls; dental floss; flashlights and batteries; gauze and gauze rollers; Kleenex; gloves; Q-tips; liquid soap in a pump; adhesive tape; thermometers; tongue depressors; and tweezers.

“Tuesday marks the first anniversary of the devastation left by Hurricane Katrina. The images we have seen on television and newspapers remind us that the Gulf States, especially Louisiana and Mississippi, are long way from full recovery and are still rebuilding. Connecticut again stands ready to help in anyway we can,” Governor Rell said.

Governor Rell spoke with Governor Kathleen Blanco of Louisiana last week in anticipation of the first anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Noting how generous the people of Connecticut were last year to the relief effort, Governor Rell asked Governor Blanco how the people and businesses of Connecticut could help this year. Governor Blanco said that with the start of the school year, school nurses’ offices need to be restocked after their respective schools were decimated by the hurricane.

Governor Rell’s staff has also contacted the office of Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour to make the same offer regarding donated supplies for school nurses’ offices.

"The relief effort demonstrated by our state last year in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina showed how compassionate and generous the people and businesses of Connecticut can be in times of need. I was deeply touched by the citizens’ response. Now, as children head back to school in Louisiana and Mississippi, one way we can continue to help is by making sure school nurses have everything they need to deliver appropriate care to students on a daily basis,” Governor Rell said.

The following Connecticut National Guard armories have been designated for drop-off sites for the recommended supplies: State Armory in Hartford at 360 Broad Street in Hartford; New Haven Armory at 290 Goffe Street in New Haven; New London Armory at 249 Bayonet Street; Norwich Armory at 38 Stott Avenue in Norwich; Stratford Armory at 63 Armory Road in Stratford; and the Waterbury Armory at 64 Field Street in Waterbury.

The armories will be collecting the school health-care related supplies starting Thursday, August 31 through Friday, September 8. The armories will be closed Saturday, Sunday and Monday over Labor Day weekend. The armories will be open from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM.

Please help if you can and please continue to pray for all those who continue to be affected by Hurricane Katrina.

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