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Sunday, August 20, 2006

God's Airtime

Because of "wars and rumors of wars," there's a nervous, quasi-religious mood on the airwaves this month. It seems to be creating a lot of opportunities for Biblical truths to be taken more seriously and put out before a wider audience:

A much-circulated, much-discussed article by Professor Bernard Lewis of Princeton explores the possibility that Iran has something apocalyptic up its sleeve for August 22 (this coming Tuesday).

Former Palestinian terrorist Walid Shoebat has been very visible on television talking about how he came out of the jihadist mentality.

Two programs of interest tonight on television (Sunday, August 20):

"Purpose Driven Life: Can Rick Warren Change the World?"
Fox News Channel, 8:00 Eastern

"The Exodus Decoded"
History Channel, 8:00 Eastern

I admit, I've been suckered many times by this type of show. The producers actually believe in the Exodus, and place it at a very early date. Of course, there is a naturalistic explanation in that they tie it to a volcanic eruption that occurred at that time. They'll report, you'll decide. You can watch a preview video here.

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