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Monday, August 14, 2006

Tommie Zito meetings in Westport

Evangelist Tommie Zito returns to Connecticut with a week of meetings at St. Paul Lutheran Church in Westport. There will be daytime meetings Monday, August 14th through Saturday, August 19th at 10 am as well as evening meetings Monday, August 14th through Friday, August 18th at 7 pm. Tommie's meetings are powerful and there's a great impartation of an evangelistic anointing to the entire congregation where he and his team minister.

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Anonymous said...

Tommie is well meaning but he teaches error. I pray for him that he will be truly filled with God's Spirit in all humility.

Nick said...

Hi Anonymous, and thanks for posting.

In the New Testament, those who were challenged or rebuked by name had several things in common:

1) they had denied cardinal doctrines of the faith or been caught in flagrant sin;

2) they were challenged by someone in leadership in the Body of Christ;

3) they were challenged publicly.

For all of us who profess Christ, I'm reminded of the old adage that says: if we can join something, join it; if we can't join it, bless it; and, if we can't bless it, let's not say anything.

If you believe this brother is in error but you are not in relationship with him, please pray for him and let it be a matter between you and God.

God bless you!

Anonymous said...

Hello Everyone, Tommie has a heart for God. I have known him for going on three years now and yes, like all men and woman if disected you will find errors. If you are seeking perfection then look to the one who is perfect, Jesus Christ and only in Him are we made perfect.

Anonymous said...

PS. By the way, I am not really requiring being anonomous. Hello Tommie, Be blessed in your going. Bridget

tim taylor said...

t ommie zito is completely sold out for JESUS hes probably responsible for over 1 million new namesin the Lambs Book of LIFE the only book that counts ou guys are awesome