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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Megachurches in Connecticut

The Danbury News-Times carried a large and positive feature story today on megachurches in Connecticut, spotlighting two large and well-known Western Connecticut churches: Faith Church in New Milford, and Walnut Hill Community Church in Bethel.

From the article:

The growth of such megachurches here reflects a regional trend in the blue states of the Northeast. More than 70 of these massive structures -- scrapping hymnals and organs in favor of multimedia shows and jam sessions -- are based in this part of the country.

That's twice as many as in 2000, and 6 percent of the national total, according to a study by Hartford Seminary and the Dallas-based Leadership Institute. It's also a higher growth rate than what's been seen in the West, though not as high as in the South. Both Faith and Walnut Hill say their membership figures have increased by about 400 in the past year -- that's 400 in each church.

Read the whole thing.

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