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Monday, September 25, 2006

County-Wide Prayer Meetings for Connecticut coming up on October 29th

From the When Connecticut Prays website comes this announcement concerning local prayer meetings leading up to the Global Day of Prayer in 2007:

"When Connecticut Prays is calling for county-wide and city-wide prayer gatherings on Sunday night, October 29th. We are urging congregations to gather together on that strategic date for worship and in fervent intercession for their towns, regions and for the entire state.

"What makes this date strategic? First of all, it comes two days prior to Halloween, when occultists will gather in darkness across the state to invoke dark powers and release evil against the church and into our society. Our prayers and worship can confuse these circles of dark intent and frustrate their dark prayers.

"Secondly, this fifth Sunday of October comes just 9 days prior to the November elections. We are urging all believers to call upon God for righteous governance at the town, state and national levels. This is a critical election with great moral issues at stake. The balance of opinion on legalized abortion is shifting in our courts and here in Connecticut we are expecting another push by radical activists for same-sex marriage to become the law of our state. We need to pray.

"Thirdly, it is always a strategic time for God's people to call out for revival. We are hearing many reports of God being on the move in Connecticut--now is the time to cry, "More Lord!"

"As last year, we have no centralized plan or program to push. We are simply raising the call to revival prayer and unity in worship.

"Blessings, Rick McKinniss--Wellspring Church"

For a list of participating churches and locations, please visit When Connecticut Prays. You can also find this information and other Christian events in Connecticut on our Christian Events Calendar here.

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