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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Yale Law Student Sees Red

A very interesting piece in the Yale Daily News about a law student who produced a documentary about a strange and exotic creature - the evangelical Christian. Leah Belsky was raised in Connecticut in a secular Jewish family and set out to explore why Democrats had lost the 2004 election:

"I was one of many Democrats who was really frustrated and puzzled about why we lost, and we heard everyone talking about this idea of moral values," Belksy said.

This confusion led Belsky, [her co-producer Gerry] Corneau and two other like-minded friends to film their journey through some of the most religious, secular, conservative and liberal areas in the country in order to develop an accurate portrayal of the moral divide that they felt mainstream media was neglecting.

Along the way Belsky and Corneau encountered everything from Baptist megachurch pastors in Texas to "raging granny" peace activists in Vermont. They apparently learned in the process that not all born-again Christians have fangs - and Corneau actually became one.

Read it here.

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seeingred said...

For more info on the film go to:

sally said...

The full name of the film is:

Seeing Red: A Journey Through the Moral Divide

Nick said...

Sorry about that - looks like I left out any mention of the name at all.