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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

How far is it from New Canaan to Bridgeport?

It's only 11 exits on the Merritt, give or take, but a lot farther in real life.

NPR gives us a little bit of contrast between those two places today in a feature with audio.

"Perhaps if the skin color were a little different, and more reflective of Fairfield County, some of the issues would be addressed I believe much differently," says Anthony Bennett, senior pastor at Mount Aery Baptist Church.

Bennett is an outspoken advocate for the city's working poor. Given the challenges facing Bridgeport, Bennett sees activism as more important than prayer right now.

"Perhaps the perception is that we are talking about praising the Lord and going to heaven," he says. "No! God will take care of the sweet by-and-by -- we want to help in the nasty now-and-now."

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