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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Is Pray Connecticut a conservative blog?

Just kidding, Mr. President. Voted for you twice!

(You can find anything on Flickr.)

By the way, did you know he is the only President ever born in the Land of Steady Habits? In New Haven, no less! The State's center of conservative activism!

I bet that drives them nuts. You never hear them talking about it or giving him the key to the city or stuff like that, right?

Anyway, is this a conservative blog?

That's a fair question and I'm not entirely sure how to answer it other than to say that it depends on whom you ask.

Our friends at Connecticut In The Crosshairs, which is the blog of the Family Institute of Connecticut, mentioned us today in an article called Connecticut's Conservative Blogosphere. I'm truly grateful for the guys at FIC for mentioning us there, but I'm not really sure that we can be put into a political box.

Obviously we have a generally conservative tone but if we really are an important forum for the state's Evangelical Christians (as we were generously described) we need to be conservative where the Gospel calls us to be conservative and liberal where the Gospel calls us to be. That's too subjective for many - even naive - but at its heart this isn't really a political blog. (I'm using tags today that I've never used before!)

If you've read us for any length of time then you know that I stand with the FIC on pro-life and related issues, obviously. I pray for the success of their efforts to repair the breaches in our state's families. Their work against the destruction of marriage has been outstanding.

However, linking to Margot Adler as I did yesterday could get me kicked off some mailing lists. (*chuckle*)

In any event, it's an honor to be named alongside fine conservative bloggers. May their readership increase.

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Peter Wolfgang said...

Nick, you're right. I was thinking more of this blog's "generally conservative tone" rather than that it was political.

The Gospel is for our salvation and cannot be made the servant of any earthly ideology, be it "liberal," "conservative" or whatever (Karl Barth's repudiation of "German Christians" is coming to mind as I type).

And yet we live in this strange moment in U.S. history where one of our two major parties--a party I had deep roots in--appears actively hostile to our faith and to what was once a basic moral consensus rooted in that faith. Where does that leave us?

I may post further on this at Crosshairs if I get a chance. It's an important discussion--thanks for keeping it going.

Nick said...


I couldn't agree more and hope you did not misinterpret anything I did say, as I was truly grateful you all mentioned us.

We stand at great risk of falling off one cliff, whereas our European friends could, out of fear of what is facing them, someday revert to fascism and so fall off the other cliff.

These are tough waters to navigate for all of us.