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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

How many people are actually gay?

The objectivity of government reporting is called into question by a study suggesting that the percentage of homosexuals in the population is overstated and does not take into account the fact that homosexuality is strongly linked to an early death. You may need some understanding of statistical analysis for this one, but go here for the report.

Who would have an interest in not telling the public:

a. That there aren't nearly as many homosexuals as people are being told; and
b. That homosexuals die substantially earlier than other people?

Some strong language from the report:

If the prevalence of homosexuality diminishes with age, eliminating older adults from sexuality surveys tends to conceal this diminution and to increase the apparent fraction of homosexuals. Furthermore, if the prevalence of homosexuals declines because of the early death of those engaging in same-sex sex, and if the practice of homosexuality were to be directly tied to a foreshortening of life, contemporary public health cannon [sic] would dictate condemnation and discrimination against such behavior (e.g., consider the parallel of smoking).


Julia said...

If gays do indeed have a statistical tendency for shorter life spans, it's no doubt because a large fraction are ostracized from their family, friends, churches and so on. This kind of barbaric, un-Godly treatment results in depression, isolation, and linked behaviors like excessive drink, drug-taking, and promiscuity. I think it's tragic that anyone can read the way Jesus ministered to the Lepers, and yet turn their backs on other human beings.

I also find it likely that the refusal of most states to allow for civil unions or marriage between homosexual couples results in comparative difficulties in gaining health coverage -- a very real impact on life expectancy. Many small health problems, if left untreated, can escalate into fatal conditions.

I have a wonderful idea. Worry about YOU living a Godly, compassionate, charitable and good life, and stop focusing your judgment on others. That is not following Jesus' plan. That is trying to take the reigns of God.

Nick said...

Hi Julia,

I think you are mistaken. Sadly, the tendency for shorter life spans is most likely because of homosexual practices themselves. Your argument unfortunately demonstrates the truth that people are no longer being informed of the destructiveness of a homosexual life itself on purely physical grounds. This is owing to the pervasive climate of political correctness and intimidation.

Your own comment is filled to overflowing with the very same moral judgments of which you accuse others...

You use terms like "barbaric," "ungodly," and tell me that I need to worry about living a Godly life, etc. and stop judging others, stop taking the reins of God.

I want to ask you who is more compassionate - the person who seeks to help a person escape a destructive way of life, or the person who conceals the truth of how homosexual activism is destroying people's lives and steamrolling 4,000 years of wisdom?

The political left has been so successful in brainwashing people that even a statistical analysis is met by cherry-picked religious arguments that conveniently ignore 50% of what the New Testament actually says.

Since you are so quick to quote Jesus, do you accept what Jesus and the other New Testament writers taught about homosexuality and other sexual sins? Do you even know what the Bible says about homosexuality? Or will you just chalk up any text in the Bible you don't like to the ignorance of the writers of that day?

Since you profess to know "Jesus' plan," please enlighten us as to its contents! I was not aware that He had expunged half the New Testament.

Maybe you only believe in a nebulous sort of compassion which excuses anything you need it to excuse at the moment. Jesus not only forgave but said to the person, "Go and sin no more."

If we are going to quote the Gospel, then let's grapple with Jesus as He really is - not the half-Jesus you have apparently chosen to suit your own political taste.

As far as insurance goes, this is merely a clever sophistry used to promote homosexual marriage because it will lift people's economic status. On that basis, why not legalize polygamy and polyandry?

I would also ask you... when gays are "closeted" and die young is that because of ostracism? Or is it because of the fundamental health hazards to the human body posed by homosexual practices?

Start thinking seriously and in an adult fashion about why gays die young and whether there is anything physically unwholesome that could be shortening their lifespan. The life of a gay person could be depending on it - and that would be real compassion.

Julia said...

It is very like Christians to immediately answer criticisms of their behavior by saying "You're doing it, too!"

I asked you to THINK ABOUT HOW JESUS WANTS YOU to act. Not how Jesus wants me to act. Again with the judging.

I got as far as you asserting that homosexuals die early because of their "homosexual practices themselves."

Are you aware, Nick, that many married heterosexuals engage in the exact same sexual acts as homosexuals, and they (miraculously?) do not suffer ill effects, when the proper precautions are taken? Homosexuals' bodies are not different, and they do not respond differently to these sex acts, when proper precautions are taken.

If you are referring to having unsafe sex, I referred to the common promiscuity among homosexuals as being a by-product of the treatment they receive from family and society.

I don't think homosexuality is hereditary, or a great thing -- I think it's usually the result of very poor parenting. But I don't think that living as a homosexual has to be a tragic lifestyle. I think that the homosexuals (far from all of them) who live unhealthy lifestyles do so in direct response to rejection and cruelty from others.

Again, Nick, you really ought to worry about how YOU live, now how others live. But then, that's the great divide among modern, political Christians and those who simply seek to follow God through Jesus in order to live a personally responsible and fulfilling life. Don't focus on the fact that I am not following my own advice, in criticizing you. That's a cop-out, Nick. YOU need to do what YOU know is right. Being unnaturally obsessed with what others do in their bedrooms isn't good for you.

Finally, I think Jesus would be disgusted and dismayed that so many of his flock are spending so much time policing others' sexuality. But it's not for me to say. You'll have to take the risk that when He comes back (if he bothers with the lot of you) that he'll be happier you spent your time on judging than on living your own right life, and helping those who are truly in peril and need.

Nick said...

Cute. I am not obsessed in any way with what others are doing and frankly, none of us would have to deal with any of this if people were not forcing it upon society and forcing schools to teach the normality of it to our children.

It is political opportunists who have skillfully co-opted Christian rhetoric to try to make Christians feel guilty about working - and yes, fighting, for the morality that has created Western Civilization and allowed it to exist and flourish.

You are entitled to your opinion as to what would disgust Jesus. The difference is that the very expression of any contrary opinion is slowly but surely being criminalized throughout the post-Christian West.

What does that tell you about who is tolerant?