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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Recap of Judiciary Committee Hearing on Same-Sex Marriages

Peter Wolfgang at the FIC Blog has a great recap of the testimonies and votes of various Representatives on the Judiciary Committee in last week's same-sex marriage bill vote.

Bright spot: Democratic Rep. Bruce Morris, who isn't buying the equation of same-sex rights and civil rights for African-Americans:

He cited Loving vs. Virginia, the case striking down laws forbidding people of different races to marry, on how “marriage is fundamental to our very existence and survival.” He said Brian was right about 2 men being biologically incapable (”without outside intervention”) of having a child and that it was for reasons like this that a very liberal court in Washington ruled against same-sex “marriage.” He mentioned the remarks of another African-American member of the Committee, saying that he too had thought about this as an African-American–and concluded that the civil rights analogy employed by same-sex “marriage” proponents doesn’t hold up. It isn’t arbitrary for the legislature to say marriage is between a man and a woman because, historically and culturally, it is true.

Well, of course. This is so patently obvious that the Left must resort to Stalinist tactics of erasing history to get us to think otherwise. Still, it's comforting to hear someone in the State Democratic party state these truths so clearly.

Read it all here.

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