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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Students observing "Day of Truth" tomorrow

Students across the US will be observing the Day of Truth tomorrow. According to the ADF:

Students at more than 300 schools nationwide will participate Thursday in the Day of Truth, sponsored by the Alliance Defense Fund. The number of students participating continues to grow, even on the day before the event.

“The Day of Truth is an opportunity for Christian students to counter the promotion of the homosexual agenda at schools across America,” said ADF Senior Counsel Joseph Infranco. “The Day of Truth, held after the Day of Silence, encourages respectful debate rather than silence.”

Students participating in this event will wear “Day of Truth” T-shirts and/or pass out cards during school hours, but outside of class time, with the following message:
I am speaking the Truth to break the silence. I believe in equal treatment for all, and not special rights for a few. I believe in loving my neighbor, but part of that love means not condoning detrimental personal and social behavior. I believe that by boldly proclaiming the Truth, hurts will be halted, hearts will be healed, and lives will be saved.
Keep praying for America's youth!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The day of silence if not to give special rights to gays. It is to represent all the silence that they have to endure because today's society will not respect them as they are. They are no less human than the rest of us. It is because of society that these people are silenced. We could break the silence if society would be accecpting of EVERYONE.