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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Is anyone praying about the war?

By today's frenetic standards and with reduced attention spans, it's been quite a long time since 9/11. Many were the calls in those days to pray for our nation and for protection in particular, but those calls have grown fainter and fewer. In contrast to prior generations, Americans of today seem reluctant to pray against their enemies' war plans.

Oddly, others here and in Europe even seem to be bending over backwards to accommodate the very principles of those who would destroy were they able - even stopping the teaching of the Holocaust in schools as it may offend the sensibilities of radical Muslims. We cannot imagine FDR indulging the demands of American Nazis in 1942.

A sense of unreality has taken hold in which we can no longer even admit the existence of our enemies. Obvious facts and clear connections are being glossed over or never even being reported if they do not match the political orthodoxy.

A case in point is this story from the Times of London:

The al-Qaeda leader who is thought to have devised the plan for the July 7 suicide bombings in London and an array of terrorist plots against Britain has been captured by the Americans.

Abd al-Hadi al-Iraqi, a former major in Saddam Hussein’s army, was apprehended as he tried to enter Iraq from Iran and was transferred this week to the “high-value detainee programme” at Guantanamo Bay.

Were you able to connect the dots? Glenn Reynolds points out,

Hey, wait -- an "al-Qaeda leader" who's also a "former major in Saddam Hussein's army"? But I thought there was no connection between Saddam and Al Qaeda. Or between Al Qaeda and Iran . . . .

You get the picture. Or at least I hope you do, because the public doesn't seem to be reading too closely any more. We need to begin seriously praying again about the war and praying for our leaders, whether we like them or not.

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