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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

How can we pray for Connecticut? (Part 1)

Is there a way to pray specifically for a State or region rather than just praying about events as they happen? A better question is, "Can we actually know and then pray God's purposes for a certain place?"

It seems God has given certain "redemptive gifts" to peoples, nations, and states - gifts and abilities which he desires to have us use to bless others and advance His Kingdom. However, the enemy of our souls perverts and twists these gifts. For example, in Connecticut, our call to be a provider and a storehouse has been perverted such that we are now known nationwide for casino gambling, greed, and economic inequality.

I believe our gifts and callings as a State can be perceived through the lens of history and the aptitudes of our people. Over several posts, I want to share three particular callings or gifts that we possess as a State. We can then
pray more targeted prayers and, as we do, we will see God using our State for His Glory!

Connecticut has a Calling to Prayer (“The Arsenal of the Nation”).

  • In the natural, Connecticut has long been known as "The Arsenal of the Nation." Since Colonial times we have been a center for firearms and military production. Even today, despite our small size, we are a leader in the production of firearms, military engines, submarines, and helicopters. In the spiritual realm, it has been prophesied that Connecticut will again be an arsenal for war, but in the realm of prayer.
  • Indeed, we do seem to have a call to be a praying State. Connecticut ministers such as David Brainerd were at the forefront of the work of prayer and evangelism during the Great Awakening of the 1740's.
  • Our governors once proclaimed annual days of fasting as well as days of thanksgiving. In March, 1775, Governor Jonathan Trumbull, Sr. proclaimed a statewide fast for April 19, 1775. Providentially, that ended up being the date of the Battle of Lexington and Concord! Thus, on the very day that the American Revolution was born, the Church in Connecticut was actually in church, help to birth our national freedom through prayer.
With this in mind, let's pray:
  • for the churches of our State to rise up in unified prayer once again
  • for God to raise up an army of intercessors throughout the State
  • for people to take to heart a burden for State issues as well as National and local ones

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