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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

How Can We Pray for Connecticut? (Part 2)

In the first part of this series, we talked about how God has given "redemptive gifts" to different places and regions. These are gifts and abilities he has given to advance his cause and make us a blessing. We talked about how Connecticut has a call to be "The Arsenal of the Nation." In the natural, this reflects our traditional connection to the military. In the spirit, it speaks of how we have advanced the Kingdom through intercession.

Connecticut also has a calling to leadership and demonstration of godly government ("The Constitution State.")

  • In 1639, Connecticut's English settlers, recognizing their need for a form of government, wrote the world's first modern constitution, the Fundamental Orders. This was the first written document in history to create a government of limited powers, but its primary goal was the preservation of "the liberty and purity of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus...." Thus Connecticut became known as the Constitution State.
  • Numerous first in American law and government came out of Connecticut or were proposed by its citizens, such as the first law school, and the idea for the structure of the U. S. House and Senate, known as the Connecticut Compromise. It has been speculated that the Constitutional Convention would have failed without this concept, offered by Connecticut's Roger Sherman. Connecticut was also the first State to provide a full public defender system.
  • In recent decades, however, our State and local governments have been plagued by extreme corruption and other, even viler criminal activity which has resulted in the jailing of high public officials.
Let's pray for:
  • the restoration of good government to our State
  • Connecticut to again be a model and forerunner of good leadership practices
  • good leadership in churches and society at large

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