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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

New blog from Family Institute of Connecticut

Those troublemakers (wink) over at the Family Institute of Connecticut are at it again with an updated look to their blog, Connecticut in the Crosshairs. Well done, guys.

I ask our readers to pray for these men and women who are doing a great job in a difficult arena of Christian service. Blessings of the season to Brian Brown, Peter Wolfgang and everyone at FIC.

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Peter Wolfgang said...

Thanks, Nick! The new blog is still a work in progress; most posts only have the first few sentences of what was originally published on the old blog. But we hope to have it fully functional soon.

Appreciate the kind words and prayers...

Anonymous said...

Are you aware that CLP, which is on your blogroll, is on the oppoonents list of the FIC blog?

You should maybe remove them from your blogroll!

Nick said...

Hi Ano.,

Thanks for the comment. Actually, I think it's useful to have a few different links available for informational purposes and just to know what people are up to in our fair State. It's just a matter of philosophy. I think the ACLJ has a link to the ACLU on their site, no doubt for that reason.

Gabe said...

I was mostly kidding. CLP has many viewpoints represented making it interesting that they got enemy listed ahead of other, strictly liberal, connecticut blogs.

Gabe said...

The kidding would have made tons more sense if my first post had appeared under my name and anonymously! I don't know why blogger does that sometimes - [stews, bloggered].