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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

One more reason to be thankful during the holidays

We cover some heavy topics around here, so in the spirit of lightheartedness, I offer you this important information. In Connecticut we do have our share of economic and social problems, considering how wealthy we are. And, of course, news outlets always seem to put a negative spin on everything, so I was happy to learn that we're still #1 in an very important category of societal well-being. It turns out that if you live in Connecticut you have the best chance of not losing all your teeth. What a relief!

The five best places to keep your teeth are:

1. Connecticut, 12.4%
2. Utah
3. California
4. Minnesota
5. U. S. Virgin Islands

Where are you most likely to lose all your choppers?

1. West Virginia, 42.8% (!)
2. Kentucky
3. Tennessee
4. Alabama
5. Louisiana

See them all here. The states, not your teeth.


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