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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Who is standing for the faith?

Jude tells us in his letter to contend for the faith once and for all delivered to the saints. Every day around the world, Christians are persecuted for their faith and even suffer rejection from what the first apostles would have called false brethren. So, it's refreshing to read about how African Christians are refusing to worship at the altar of the dollar, choosing instead remain true to a biblical vision of life. The Connecticut Six blog talks about the Anglican Church in Uganda and the stands it is taking:

The church in Uganda, along with churches in Rwanda and Kenya, no longer accepts financial support from the Episcopal Church. Ugandan church leaders said they had declined more than $1 million in contributions since 2003 from U.S. churches that didn't back their rejection of homosexuality.

Without that money, the church has shuttered some theological education programs and has been forced to make other budget cuts, church officials said. In the bishop's offices, the telephones rarely work and electricity is sporadic.

The church still accepts money from congregations that support its stance on gays, however. [Bishop Samuel] Ssekkadde said American money helped with upkeep on the century-old St. Paul's Cathedral, a stately redbrick building perched on a hill, where U.S. priests are now sometimes ordained.

Read it all here.

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