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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Fairfield megachurch halts plans to move to Easton

Black Rock Congregational Church is staying put in Fairfield for now, according to the Connecticut Post:

Tim Kanuch, the church's consultant for ministry expansion, said Thursday that after months of study the 100-acre property at Routes 136 and 59, where the church had considered building a new sanctuary, was found to be unsuitable.

"It's not one thing. It's a lot of things," Kanuch said, when asked if early opposition in Easton to the plan was a reason to drop the proposal.

"We didn't even get to that point. We didn't even file a zoning application to see what kind of opposition there would be," Kanuch said.

Three hundred members of the congregation voted last November in favor of buying Huntley Stone's 100 acres. Now, the church is likely to consider options for expansion in surrounding communities, including Bridgeport, Trumbull and Monroe, Kanuch said.

"The congregation was disappointed, but our ministry is growing and this site would not have been good for us," Kanuch said.

Read more here. We wish Black Rock well as they continue to search.

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