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Thursday, May 17, 2007

What's in a headline?

As I was scanning the news this morning, I noticed this irony: right after the headline which said, "Falwell's Death Draws Mixed Editorials" was another one stating, "Gay Episcopal bishop to enter civil union with partner."

While Evangelicals would say that Jerry Falwell's church and university ministries have done much to advance the Kingdom of God, it's clear that his societal mission was a failure. When I was a younger man and there was a lot of noise about the Moral Majority, no one could have imagined that 25 years later there would be "gay weddings." (Not to mention gay bishops.)

Even our recent pro-life and pro-family victories (for which, lest I be misunderstood, we give thanks) are not victories in the true sense - they were holding actions in which some holes in the dike have been plugged.

Although there are hopeful signs in many places, for the most part the moral tide is still working against traditional Christian morality. Within the past one or two years a new and vociferous atheism has taken the field. Other powerful opponents such as militant Islam are vying for supremacy through political intimidation and skillful use of the language of rights and discrimination.

Let's continue to work and pray for the salvation of men and women and the transformation of society. I'm hopeful because I believe Christians have seen the limits of what political action per se can do in our nation.

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