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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Have those intolerant Christians finally met their match?

There are few people more frightening in our society than the intolerant Christians. As we all know, Christians (especially those benighted souls who actually read and believe the Bible) are a font of all sorts of societal ills. Their intolerant and bigoted ways have oppressed millions of freedom-seekers throughout the centuries. And if we're not careful, their insistence on biblical morality could bring our society back to those dark days of a couple of years ago, before there were even civil unions.

Is there any force more destructive to personal rights than these Christians?

I hate to scare our readership, but apparently our media has learned that there are other religions in the world capable of inflicting harm on people - and they do it using their religion as justification!

One particular religion has been making news in some country called Malaysia, where a woman who had converted to Christianity (?) could not have this decision legally recognized by the government. Leaving aside for the moment the question of why a country would even require that a person's religion be legally recognized, this seems rather intolerant. Even Time magazine seemed a bit troubled by this.

It also seems from the news that people who follow this other religion have special cities where no one other than believers is allowed to go under pain of arrest. (Not even Jerry Falwell could have pulled that one off!)

I'm a little confused because I would expect our media and our leaders to be alarmed at this kind of intolerance. They are probably just too busy worrying about the intolerant Christians and will probably tackle this other group later. Hopefully this other group doesn't have any harmful intentions towards Western countries.

First the Christians and now these people, whoever they are.

What's the world coming to?

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