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Friday, May 11, 2007

Tremendous victory for pro-family forces in Connecticut

The Hartford Courant is reporting that leading Democrats do not intend to seek a vote on same-sex marriage this term, citing the likely lack of votes:

"A significant number of legislators have told us that they are currently in favor of same-sex marriage personally, but feel the state will be ready for it in another year or two. With time, these are the people that will create a majority," [Representative Mike] Lawlor said in a press release issued Friday. "This doesn't surprise me because we've been seeing the same trends happening in the general public, too, with more people gradually coming out in support for same-sex marriage. When it passes, I hope it is a strong bipartisan vote as was the case with civil unions in 2005."

While we give thanks for this, we must remain vigilant in prayer. We ask you to continue to pray as the Connecticut Supreme Court will hear oral argument on Monday in a case seeking the validation of same-sex marriage.

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